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Botox for $99? Yes, indeed!



Botox Toronto


Thinking of trying Botox for the first time?
Or are you a regular Botox patient, but tired of paying high prices?

Well, we have the solution for you!

The Baywood Clinic offer first time patients 20 units for Botox for $99! The best deal around!

This includes a consultation with a licensed physician.

So if you need (or want) more than 20 units, it is $10 for each additional unit. That is our everyday price, still the best deal around! (In Toronto, Botox is usually $12 a unit or more. Men tend to need more, on average)


Call 416 515 0007 or email us at


SPECIAL BONUS:  Be nice to your friends and family!

Bring a friend or relative along and you both get 20 units for $89!!!!! (You have to come together and everyone must be a first time patient)



Our Toronto Botox Clinic offers affordable Cosmetic Botox treatment!

At our Clinic, all Botox injections are personally performed by Board Certified Doctors or Certified Registered Nurses. To ask a question


We charge $10 per unit of Botox.

Please call 416 515 0007 for your consultation.

Our Toronto Botox clinic is conveniently located in Downtown Toronto




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