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Breast Augmentation in Toronto
24 Hour Recovery
Certified Plastic Surgeon

To Ask A Question About Our Breast Augmentation Surgery

Have you been thinking of Breast Enhancement, but been put off by the prospect of the 10 day to two week recovery period of traditional Surgery?

Now there is an alternative! Get back to your life in 24 hours!

Our Surgeon uses the latest surgical techniques to reduce inflammation and bruising. He has trained extensively at international centers to master and develop this technique, and now brings this breakthrough home to our clinic in Toronto. Bandages, drain tubes, and special bra devices are no longer needed. Most of his patients recover and return to their normal activities within 24 hours!


Are you thinking of Breast Enhancement to restore yourself after having children, or to give yourself a more vital, balanced look? Please call for a consultation. It will be educational, relaxed, and fun, and there is never any pressure! His goal is your satisfaction.


Breast Enhancement surgery is $7500, which is all-inclusive.


Please call 416 515 0007 . We are looking forward to meeting you!


For Before and After Photos of Breast Augmentation click Here





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